manual brake fluid cover

Product no.: 1050



User manual and product information


Brake Master Cylinder Cap for the front brake fluid tank

CNC-milled , anodized, and lacquered

Replaces the original cap (but re-uses original bolts)


We hereby note that the modification

must be carried out by an authorized workshop.

We will not be liable for any damage resulting from non-compliance.


Mounting Instruction


As a protection against injuries / caustic burns we urgently

recommend to carry out the modification wearing protective gloves.


1. Remove the original bolts of the hand brake master cylinder

2. Now carefully take off the original cap.

3. While using protective gloves, remove any brake fluid that escaped with a cloth.

4. Place the new cap on the compensation tank and fasten it with the original bolts (max. torque 5 Nm).


Care Instructions


Use only water for the cleaning.

Do not use any scoring agents or corrosive cleaners.

(The anodized coating or lacquered surface may be damaged.)


UV radiations / weather influences may lead to

discolorations of the cap, and are not quality

defects covered by the warranty.

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